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O'Brien Heights Subdivision

In 2017, HEBERLY ENGINEERING P.C. provided engineering services to Tabor Building, as they developed a 26-lot parcel of land which is now the O’Brien Heights Subdivision. This project required special care and planning, due to the difficult terrain and drainage challenges it presented. HEBERLY ENGINEERING P.C. took a first-hand approach to design and engineering solutions, in order to produce a project that captured all aspects of today’s engineering practices. In order to drain the subdivision directly into the South Umpqua River, a mass grading of 25,000 cuyd’s of materials took place. As a result, Newton Creek, which was already overflowing gained additional capacity. Because O’Brien Heights is built on a relatively flat solid rock surface, drainage and earth-work was at the forefront for designing layouts in this challenging area. In the end, HEBERLY ENGINEERING P.C. delivered a final product that superseded city and customer expectations.