Heberly Engineering

Construction Management

Construction Engineering Management gives a person the best of both worlds, as Construction and Engineering go hand in hand. By offering Construction Engineering Management services, HEBERLY ENGINEERING P.C. has effectively bridged the gap between the office and the field. As a team – and with technology (i.e. laptops and cell phones), they are capable of either working from the office to develop plans, provide management and direction; or they can be out in the field or on a jobsite to assist in projects correctly working and making sense.

As Construction Managers, their services include bid preparation, bid assistance, bid tabulations, project oversight, submittal review, inspection, project as-builts and many other services.

They are hands on with the project and work through to final construction. With experience and know-how, they use common sense and whenever necessary, develop creative solutions for any complex situations that may arise during the construction process.

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